Biggest advantages on the smaller

Biggest advantages on the smaller

Biggest advantages on the smaller:

Often customers, looking for a rental car by default are targeting the international car rental agencies on the grounds that being international and more secure. Unfortunately, too often this perception is belied and customers suffer not only financial loss but also loss of valuable time associated with explanations waits decisions denials and other similar procedures accompanying bureaucratic models of the big company.

Therefore we direct your attention to the indisputable advantages of smaller local companies for rental cars in particular to us Rotto Rent a Car Bulgaria, where everything is much easier, clear, accessible, comfortable and not less secure and guaranteed.

First and foremost advantage of the small and medium car rental company is the possibility of much quicker response and reaction to the customer needs. In a small company is less likely inquiry, problems or difficulties encountered by customer to fester and wait, as the owner would know much sooner and will immediately take action to resolve the situation in favor of the customer. Large companies often takes too long to respond particularly in cases of complaints. The lack of a long chain of employees, complex bureaucratic rules and procedures allows the small company to be much faster and closer to the client.

Rotto Rent a Car Bulgaria answers all the questions or problems instantly. We make decisions together with our clients in order to offer the best solution for them. We are available 24 hours / 7 days a week. We don’t have voice mail and customers can count on us even at night, outside business hours, weekends and holidays. Our customers know they can always talk to and contact with the manager and owner of the company, if necessary.

The second major advantage of a small company is the ability to offer individually ongoing customer service. Customers trust better companies that offer personal attention and honest service. For Rotto Rent a Car that is a leading and fundamental principle of work. We all know the names of our clients, for us they are not just number of orders and promo codes. We are all familiar with the details of the booked rental car, with all the details of their preferences and of course we always remember their first order. It’s because the clients are important for us and we try to know them better in order to serve them in the best possible way.

The small companies are definitely more flexible because they are less tied to policies and procedures. In many cases when a customer complains in a big company, he gets the answer "Our policy is that ....". Employees are able to serve personalized customers and respond to their individual needs because their hands are "tied" with company policy. The small company is much more flexible in this regard. It can quickly and adequately respond to currently make a discount as compensation or complement, to easily adjusted its policy, leading to encouraging the trust and the customer loyalty.

Policy of Rotto Rent-a-Car to partnership with its clients. Our decisions and proposals do not need necessary to go through the legal department or board of directors. We try to be fast, flexible and mutual with you. For us you are the most important, and policies can be changed immediately if necessary. We monitor and we are grateful for your feedback, it helps us to grow and develop in order to be worthy and trusted for you.

Besides the advantages of the service, the small companies are much easier to change and adapt to market conditions and the products they offer. Usually they rely on innovation and creativity. We complement and entrepreneurial as well. Important priority for us is to provide a high level of personal and individual targeted services and to offer quality car rental as well. We rely on established car brands like Toyota, Mercedes, Ford, Volkswagen, because they served the required comfort and safety that our clients deserve. We continuously strive to innovate and offer the latest car models on the market. And we never forget to think about the price that is always increasingly competitive, fulfilling the budget of our clients and no leading for their choice.

In that way we guarantee the safety of our customers. Safety about the quality of the vehicle that will use, assurance about the best price of the offer, which receives and assurance that always and at any time if necessary we are at his disposal.

In that way we strive to be a company that combines the capacity of the largest companies in the virtues of smaller ones. Hopefully successfully, we will continue to work hard and to take care about our customers.