Frequently Asked Questions about car rental

Can I reduce my responsibility:

Rotto Rent a Car offers you good enough basic insurance during your rental, which frees you from responsibility in events occurred not by your fault. In addition this insurance covers fire and theft. TOP COVER insurance does not cover damages to tires, wheels and damage caused by the fault of the customer of the rental car. Both levels can be included at your choice during the rental and you need to add them as extras in your choice of car rental. You can find more details here: link

Is there an extra fee, in case you have more than one driver:

No. Rotto Rent a Car offers you to include additional drivers in the contract for free. Certainly in the case of violation of traffic regulations and speeding, financial responsibility rests with the main driver.

Is a deposit required when renting a car:

Rotto Rent a Car requires guarantee fee called deposit, which is a guarantee of compliance with the terms of the contract. The amount on deposit varies between 200 Euros and 500 Euros, depending on the cars class and need to be guaranteed by credit card, unless otherwise agrreed. The deposit is refunded upon return of the vehicle, if all the contract conditions are met.

What to do in a case of an accident:

  • Call Rotto Rent a Car employees who will assist and guide you for your future actions: +359896 68 68 51; +359 896 68 68 49; +359897929037.
  • In case of victims, immediately contact the Police and Emergency Assistance (if needed)
  • Record names, addresses and telephone numbers of people who are connected with the accident and witnesses who are not directly involved, but could assist.
  • All scattered parts of the vehicle must be collected. Any repairs should be carried out only with official approval from Rotto Rent a Car.

What does unilaterally insurance event means:

Unilateral insurance event is found in case of an accident with the rental car in which:

  • There are collision with trees, animals, etc.
  • The vehicle and its driver could not be identified
  • At the time of the incident the other vehicle was stopped or parked.

In case of an unilateral accident in unpaid advance addition to responsibility MCI / link to the insurance /the deposit amount  will be deducted.

Can I cancel a reservation without penalty fees:

  • In reservations without prepayment, no penalty due.
  • In reservations with a partial prepayment and cancellation within 7 days prior to the rental date, Rotto Rent a Car will refund the fully prepaid amount but if cancelled within less than 7 days we will refund only 50 % of the partial prepayment or you keep the right to use the amount for your next rental car.

With fully prepaid online reservations which  benefiting from significantly reduced preferential rates, this reflects to our cancellation policy. Cancellation within 3 days of payment Rotto Rent a Car will refund  the fully paid amount. Cancellation 7 days prior to the reservation date, we will refund 70% of the paid amount or you can keep the right and use the whole amount for your next rental car. Cancellation within less than 7 days of the reservation date,  which is fully online prepaid, Rotto Rent a Car reserves the right to refund only 50% of the paid amount. In this case you keep the right and use the whole amount for your next rental car.

What driving license is required to rent a car:

Rotto Rent a Car recognizes all official EU driving licenses with minimum issuing period of one year. If the driver's license is in a language other than English or Bulgarian, International driving permit is required to accompany the document.


More information about the documents and age restrictions can be found here:

Are there extra fees to rent a car:

All surcharges are included in the reservation form.There are no hidden fees and commissions.

The basic price includes everything you need to feel calm and confident during the rental.

The following additions are included into the offer at no addtional fees.

  • Extra - child seats, navigation system, etc.
  • Additional insurance - MCI to TI
  • Delivery and drop-off of the car rental

Fees that can be further incorporated into our offer, but not automatically calculated are:

  • Delivery and pick-up fee outside of the territory of Sofia
  • Travelling abroad fee

Can I modify my booking, once it’s completed:

You may change and modify your reservation up to 3 days prior to the rental date. You can change the date, time, type of vehicle and optional extras. Changes can be made by sending us e-mail or contacting us through the phone numbers listed in our contact form. Please note that all changes will be made after receiving confirmation. Rotto Rent a Car can modify your booking upon delivery of the rental car.

Can anyone other than me drive the car:

Anyone who is listed entered into the rental contract for your rental car is permitted has the right to drive the car. Third parties without the explicit permission of Rotto Rent a Car, have no right to drive and in case of damage or occurrence of an insured event or other legal event consequence of their management, financial and legal responsibility under contract is due to the main driver inscribed in it.

Can I drive the rental car on оff-road terrains:

No, you are not permitted. Neither of the offered car rental categories (including 4WD), have insurance outside of the national road network and public roads. All damages due to off-road driving, have to be covered by the tenant.

If I lock or lose the car keys is that covered by Road Assistance:

Loss, damage or lock of keys or documents are not covered by Free Road Assistance. Also discharged accumulator due to forgotten lights or flat tire are not covered by Free Road Assistance

The included Road Assistance in our offer applies to events of breakdown of the vehicle and when it is technically impossible to continue under its own power. In the above described cases you will have to pay the value of the provided assistance.

Can you guarantee the brand and model of the car, which I prefer:

A main principle for us is not to replace your chosen car type and model with similar one. This is our advantage, which definitely stand out and we are proud of it.

We can not guarantee 100% that the chosen car will be available as unexpected events may occur at any time, such as: road accident, customer before you may be delay or would like to extend his/her rent. In these cases, we will let you know and give you the opportunity to choose alternative car rental in the same or higher class. Only in cases where the event occured shortly before your rental and there was insufficient time for such correspondence, we will replace your car rental with the same or higher class.

At peak season (from June to September) and the dates around Christmas and New Year’s Eve happens more frequent to replace your car, but overall remains our duty to secure the rental car, which you have booked.

What are the minimum age requirements for renting:

Customers aged between '25 and '75 have the opportunity to rent a car from all classes.

Customers aged from '21 to '25 have the option to choose between economical, medium and standard class. 

If you are under 21 years. Rotto Ren a Car reserve the right to refuse your request for car rental or charge an extra fee.

What happens if I return back the rental car later:

If your delay to return the rental car is up to 2 hours and that is pre-arranged, you will not be charged. If this is NOT prearranged, you might be charged 50% of the rental price per day. If you delay more than two hours, you will be charged full extra day in the already agreed tariff.