Financial Conditions

Financial conditions for car rental from Rotto Rent a Car

All tariffs for car rental are in Euro and include VAT.

Conversion in lev is calculated on the basis of 1.95583 lev for 1 Euro.

The period of rent is calculated on the basis of 24 hours.

Tariffs for car rental are determined by two annual seasons:

High: from 1st of June till 15th of September

Low: from 16th of September till 31st of May


The basis rate for the car rental includes:

  • Daily rental car - 24h .;
  • 20% VAT and local taxes;
  • Vignette.
  • Full insurance rental car for the territory of Bulgaria; - Link to insurance
  • Free pickup and drop off to the Sofia Airport and any address in the city. Sofia;
  • Optional additional driver(s)
  • Winter equipment - winter tires, snow chains and accessories;
  • Replacement of rental car in case of technical failure;
  • TPI - coverage of financial responsibility in case of damage; Link to Insurance

The basis rate for the car rental does not include:

  • Fuel - a car rental is transmitted with a full tank and return the same way. There is an opportunity to advance otherwise agreed;
  • Delivery and pickup the rental car outside the city of Sofia;
  • Travel insurance for outside of Republic of Bulgaria
  • MCI- full exemption from financial responsibility in case of damage.
  • TI - damage to tires, wheels and undercarriage of the car rental.

Forms of payment:

  • Cash;
  • In advance by bank transfer;
  • Credit or debit card.

The full agreed amount of rent and the amount of the deposit needs to be paid or secured prior to collecting the vehicle or at the moment of collecting the vehicle.

Deposit for the car rental:

The deposit amount is required to be guaranteed by credit card, unless previously agreed otherwise provided. The value of the deposit is determined by the tariff price list. The deposit can not be used for payment of the extension of the contract. The deposit is refundable at the end of the rental period, if the vehicle complies with all contractual conditions at the time of returning the car rental.