History, mission and goal

History, Mission and Objectives

Who we are:

Rotto Ltd. is one of the first private companies for car rentals in Bulgaria.

Established in 2000 year and started its business with the purchase of five second hand cars. That same year our official website was created.

It all started just as experiment, but over the years, the pleasure of communicating with our customers, creating lasting relationships with them, the interest and the desire to offer the best product and the best service motivated us to continue to develop and time to become the primary and preferred company for car rentals in Sofia and Bulgaria.

Currently we have our own fifty brand new car hire and work with ten times as many cars on our faithful partners.

Our team is comprised of energetic, ambitious, creative and bright young people with experience in marketing, tourism, communications, transport services and the leasing of rental cars.

We are driven by the desire to prove our reliability and to impose our style which combines professionalism, individual approach and thinking for our customers and maintain long-term partnerships, and offering attractive and modern products.

Our main operating principles are:

Maintain modern and new autopark with established brands of cars from all classes.

High degree of precision in our work, as a result of to constantly maintaining a high qualification versatile experience and specialization of our team.

The flexibility to offer individual decisions and offers to our customers, as a result of the creativity and energy of our team.

Integrity, dedication and ethics in human and professional relations.

Precision and accuracy in the contract with the customer terms and conditions.

High quality and a special focus on communication, based on responsiveness, friendliness, helpfulness, kindness and serenity in our communication.


Our mission:

Our main goal is to exceed the expectations of its customers, by devoting them the necessary time and attention.

To change the stereotype of execution in the field of leasing of rental cars, and generating original products that meet the needs of the market. Being innovators and role model to us become a leader among the companies letting car rental.

We rely on their experience, enthusiasm and creativity, as well as our core belief that business is a style of communication, exchange of thoughts and ideas and longing for development and improvement.


To maintain the best quality standards for both rental cars that we offer and the level of service and communication with the client.

Optimize our resources so as to ensure maximum effectiveness of our activity.

To discover new perspectives and products meeting the changing consumer needs.

To create an environment and atmosphere that motivates and develops creativity of employees, their individuality, ambition and pleasure from the task being performed.

To win loyal customers through each contact.

Continuously expanding their professional relationships.