Change of the car rental period

Delay for returning of a hired car
  • For delay at the return of the rented car for over 1 hour, 50% of the base price for rent a car shall be charged in conformity with a price list constituting an integral part of this contract.
  • For delay of over 3 hours the full rental price of the car for 1 day shall be paid, in conformity with the price list of Rotto Rent a Car Sofia, Bulgaria.  
  • In event of delay of more than 12 hours, from the time of expiration of the concluded rent a car contract, without our being notified beforehand, and without your having obtained our consent, this shall be deemed as misappropriation of the rented car. We are entitled to notify the competent authorities of the Ministry of Interior and the Insurance Company as well as to declare the hired car and you for search. In these events the amount for deposit shall remain to the benefit of Rotto Rent a Car Sofia, Bulgaria.
Returning of a rented car earlier than agreed

In event of need to return the rented car earlier than on the agreed date at the conclusion of the rent a car contract, Rotto Rent a Car shall preserve its right not to refund an amount for the unused days, unless another condition was initially agreed.