Supplementary fees and equipment

Supply and taking a rented car from a place desired by the client

1. For the territory of the city of Sofia without additional payment at contracts for a rented car within the        framework of the working hours of the Company (from 08:00 h to 19:00 h – exclusive of days off) –    without a fee.

2. If you need delivery or droping off the car rented by you at work off time on the company, please have a    look at the additional fees presented herein below:


Monday – Sunday 08:00 h - 19:00 h. 19:00 h - 22:00 h. 22:00 h - 08:00 h.
0 € 10 € 20 € 

3. Supply and taking up a rented car beyond the territory of Sofia is possible and additionally 0.20 Euro/km shall be paid for this service.
The regular clients of Rotto Rent a Car Bulgaria shall not pay these fees.
One-direction rents
  • One-direction rents of cars shall be those at which the car is supplied or taken in/from another town other than the initial point of taking
  • Additional fee shall be paid for this service.
  • Please, contact us for more information.

Additional equipment

  • Winter equipment for rented cars by Rotto shall not be paid additionally for. It includes: winter tyres, snow chains, winter liquid for windscreen wipers, equipment for cleaning the car from snow and ice.
  • Map of the Republic of Bulgaria and Sofia – free of charge.
  • Child’s chair – free of charge.
  • Navigation system – 3 Euro a day, but not more than 30 Euro for the time period of the rent. There is also possibility for free use, depending on the availability.  
  • Roof rack for skis – 5 Euro a day, but not more than 50 Euro for the period. There is possibility for free use depending on the model of the preferred rented car and the availabilities at the moment.  
  • Roof rack of the box type – 10 Euro a day.  

Additional driver

  • The service shall not be paid for a second driver.  
  • At wish on your part for a third driver of the rented car, this shall be additionally paid at 2 Euro a day, but maximum 20 Euro for the time period of the rent.


Personal chauffeur
  • Renting a car from Rotto Rent a Car you have the possibility to make use of the offered additional service “Personal Chauffeur”, which shall be additionally paid for in conformity with the price list.
  • The offered prices are also valid for an English-speaking chauffeur.
  • The offered prices valid for 8 to 10 hours a day within the framework of the standard working hours.
  • Use of "Personal Chauffeur" during the night and over 8-10 hours shall be additionally paid for. Please in these events contact us.