General conditions

General conditions for rented cars

The LESSEE shall be obligated:

  • To use the rented car in conformity with designation.
  • To treat the car with care, to keep the documents and the keys of the car with himself.  
  • To perform a current repair of the rented car and to maintain its technical good working condition (with contracts concluded for a time period of over 14 days) and to undertake all the consumable expenses related to its use. In event of damage of the rented car within the time period of validity of the contract, its elimination shall be made by competent persons, after coordination with the LESSOR.
  • At the occurrence of an accident, damage or failure to call the authorities of CAT (Control of Automobile Traffic) regardless of the fact whose fault the damage is, to observe all the requirements with regard to drawing up of protocols and other documents as well as to undertake all the needed measures for rescue, prevention or reduction of the damages of the rented car.
  • Promptly to notify the LESSOR in event of accidents, to notify all the facts, circumstances and data as well as to render full cooperation to the LESSOR and the insurance company for the clarification of the event.


The LESSEE shall not be entitled:

  • To use the rented car for towing another car and trailers, to participate in competitions, training, practices, as well as to transport heavy-freight loads and loads in bulk.  
  • Not to drive the rented car when he is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or another intoxicating substance.
  • Not to cede to other people the driving of the rented car, with the exception of the persons authorized for the purpose under this Contract as well as to violate the state borders, the Road Traffic Act, the Implementing Regulations for the Road Traffic Act and the effective legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.  
  • The driver of the rented car should have possessed a valid driving license for at least 1 year, have a valid identity card and/or passport.  


Rights and obligations of Rotto Rent a Car:

  • The LESSOR shall be obligated to replace within a term of 24 hours the rented car when it is impossible for it to continue the execution of the Contract through the fault of theLESSOR, at the expense of the Company.  
  • The LESSOR shall bear responsibility for damages, which the LESSEE or a third person provoked in consequence of a technical failure proven by independent technical expert examination.