Operational Lease

Operating leasing:

The operational leasing unlike the financial leasing represents a lease that does not necessarily end with the purchase of rental car you use. The tenant pays rent for use of the car and a small portion of the purchase price, which offset depreciation. At the end of the contract the tenant has the following options:

  1. To purchase the used rental car residual value, which was previously agreed upon contract signing.
  2. To refuse to acquire property and terminate the contract.
  3. To use the paid part of the purchase price of the rental car as a down payment to replace the car with a new one.

Rotto Rent a Car Bulgaria provides service Leasing for individuals and legal entities.

The advantages of this form of use of the rental car are indisputable.


First is significantly almost the half of lowest price for monthly rent and the opportunity to purchase a car rental of your choice.We relieve you of all administrative duties that become our commitment. We will take care of renewal of insurance filing a damage claim, vignettes and taxes, servicing and maintenance of the rented car.

And last but not least as advantage is the option that we offer a replacement car. No more is needed to comply with the commitments of the car, you can always count on a replacement rental car.

For legal entities, one of the primary benefits is the advantage that the monthly payments for rent are recognized as 100% company costs, regardless of type and class of rental car they use. Operating Leasing offers the possibility of continuous fleet renewal without acquiring ownership, prevents aging, and involves lower contributions from other forms of financing. It saves fully the staff costs to serve and take care of their cars.

The monthly payment can easily be adjusted to your budget as it is flexible and determined by many factors: the purchase value of the car, annual kilometer, contract period, whose expense will be the cost of insurance, servicing, replacement of tires, option for replacement rental car.

As a condition which is necessary to comply is that the minimum term of the operating lease contracts is 24 months.

Contracts for rental car for 24 months or less is considered as "Long Term Rendal"