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Rotto – symbol of flexibility and security

As one of the first rent-a-car companies in Sofia, Rotto Car Hire is proud to tailor every one of its Sofia car rental packages specifically to you. Rather than sifting through pre-determined pricing, when you contact an experienced Rotto agent, we will create a bespoke offer taking vehicle class, vehicle type, rental terms and conditions and, importantly, pricing into consideration to meet your requirements. Every year, Rotto is the choice of hundreds of individuals, couples and families looking for car rentals in Sofia. We have affordable hire vehicles, from Standard to Luxury, to suit every budget.

Personable & Honest Service

What makes Rotto Rent-a-Car different? At Rotto, all our agents embark on comprehensive training sessions to ensure they understand completely the Rotto way and how to ensure our customers get a service unlike any other. Better still, each one has a passion for cars. At the heart of our business and our tight-knit team is the desire to deliver a service with the utmost kindness, responsiveness and complete honesty to ensure you have everything you need for a seamless car hire experience. Rather than looking at customers as a one-time sale, we pride ourselves on being a long-term one-stop-shop for car hire services in Bulgaria and are proud to have hundreds of loyal, returning customers every year. A huge percent of our business comes from positive feedback, recommendation and word of mouth.

Better rental vehichles at better prices!

Our Cars – Reliability & Comfort

At Rotto, our rent a car fleet comprises of modern, tested and quality-assured cars to ensure, when looking for car rentals in Bulgaria, you get only the best. All our vehicles, including those from the likes of Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and BMW to name a few, are of an exceptional standard with price brackets ranging from Standard to Luxury, and everything in between. Many of the cars we offer come with an excellent range of accessories and equipment, including fully electric interiors, stereo systems, air conditioning and, often, built-in satellite navigation systems to get you to your destination with ease. All our cars come equipped with essential safety equipment such as air bags, and some have comfort-enhancing features such as heated seats. When you call for your bespoke quote, ask one of our agents if you have specific requirements. Need plenty of storage? Want a TV and DVD player for the kids to watch? Make sure you tell us and we'll find the right vehicle for you.

Affordable Pricing & Quality Guarantee

When you choose Rotto Rent a Car Bulgaria, you are not only guaranteed to receive an exceptional service and vehicle with everything you need for a comfortable and safe journey, but you're also guaranteed to receive the best price possible. At Rotto, our bespoke pricing structure works with you to ensure you get what you want without having to dig too deep. We continue to provide both new and returning customers with exceptional vehicles and a service that is honest, genuine and reliable.

Choosing Your Vehicle

If you're unsure about what type of vehicle you need, whether it's an everyday run around or an off-road vehicle suitable for rough terrain and tourism, worry not – our extensively trained and passionate team know everything there is to know about cars and can recommend the perfect one for you. When requesting a quote, tell us as much about your needs as possible and, at Rotto, we will work for you.  

We have more than 15 years' car hire experience in Bulgaria – be our next happy customer.

Please contact us for your bespoke quote for car hire in Sofia.


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