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Rotto – symbol of flexibility and security

As one of the first “rent-a-car” companies in Sofia, at “Rotto Rental Car” you will not have to deal with pre-defined offers – every offer prepared by us is tailored to your requirements about vehicle class, vehicle type, rental terms and conditions, and price. At “Rotto Rent a Car” you will get personal approach and honesty. What makes us unique and different is our responsiveness, kindness, and the complete honesty in all communications with you, our customers. It is of an extreme importance to us and it is built in our core mission to transform every contact into a loyal customer, who would be happy and secure to come back to us, knowing that he/she will get the best possible offer and he/she will get individual attention and customer support. That is why, for advertising we rely mainly on our loyal and satisfied customers.


For our rent-a-car fleet we select only proven, time-tested, modern and expensive automobile brands, which have a high level of accessories and equipment, to ensure your safety and comfort. We respond and offer fast, because you contact us, the founders and managers of the company, directly. We do not need any extra time to approve a custom-made offer or to respond to a situation.


We keep our offers accurate and precise. We are honest and we do not lure our customers with numbers. We win and keep our loyal customers through our devotion and attitude.


For over 15 years now, we hold to our core belief, that business is defined as a style of communication, exchange of ideas and thoughts, and desire for development and improvement. For us, this is the winning formula and we highly appreciate, the trust you put in us.

Better rental vehichles at better prices!

Rotto Rent a Car offers to you new and modern cars for rent. High level of equipment and only proven brands. Safe and secure on the road! Precise offers without any hidden taxes, conditions and other costs.

Test us yourself, feel the special customer attitude, look for us …….


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