Driving in fog

Driving in fog

Driving in thick fog is like driving blindfolded. The statistics show that this is the most dangerous driving. So be vigilant and follow the advices of the experts.

First and most important principle is recommended to drive at speeds lower by at least 10 km/h than the permitted. Of course the reasonable speed is determined by the density of the fog, you may need to drive at 10 km/h. Don’t stop to observe the speedometer, as studies show that most drivers acclimate to the foggy weather and unconsciously increase the speed. Drive at the speed which allows you to stop in the area you see.

Increase the distance and drive at least 15 meters away.

Turn low beam lights, fog lamps and rear fog lamps. Never connect the high beam lights. The light they emit is directed upwards and is a kind of wall in the fog.

Do not turn on your blinkers without a reason. Studies show that drivers are attracted to the flashing lights and tend to focus on them inadvertently.

Use your brakes as in rainy weather. Be careful because the fog reduces adhesion between the roadway and the car tires.

Rest more often. Proven is that, besides the increased fatigue of the eyes is often observed the increase in blood pressure as well.

You are required to watch the line at the side of the roadway. If it’s not visible, orient yourself on the centreline.

In case you need to stop, do it as far away as possible from the roadway. Many incidents during fog happen when drivers do not notice the person close to the road.