Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat
  • To 5 Passangers
  • 5 Doors
  • Bags 4 Suitcases
  • Bags 2 Bags
  • Automatic gearbox
  • A/C
  • CD/MP3
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi

Another car representative of the family Volkswagen. This car is combining at the same time both very comfort and very stability - an extremely tough combination in demand for cars with automatic transmission. Everything is new- design, technology, engine options with quite affordable prices. The new VW Passat is built on a new modular platform. Overall, this rental car has become much more luxurious. The dashboard is completely changed with new dials and an analog clock. Тhe controls are perfectly located with no exception and the menus are well structured. The large round dials presented the information clearly and elegantly supported by the new color central display, known from the luxury brothers- Touareg and Phaeton.

In conclusion, it’s a beautiful luxury car at affordable price.

Сезон 2-4 days 5-8 days 9-15 days 16-29 days weekend month deposit
Winter 70.00 € 65.00 € 60.00 € 50.00 € 200.00 € 0.00 € 300.00 €
Summer 80.00 € 75.00 € 70.00 € 65.00 € 0.00 € 0.00 € 300.00 €
525€ ( 7 days X 75.00€/day)
The base price includes:

20% VAT and all of local taxes; 
 Complete Insurance - CDW, TP, FP, TPL, windows and roofs;
 CDW+ - zero liability and no administrative fees for accidents occurred by foreign fault;
Unlimited mileage; 
Additional driver; 
24 hours autoassistant; 
Replacement of the vehicle in case of technical issue;
Free delivery and drop off collection on rented car in Sofia for rents over than five days; 
Additional equipment - child seats, navigation;
 Winter equipment. 

The base price does not include :

  Master Cover Insurance - SCDW+, replacement car, lack of administrative fees; 

 Damages to tires and wheels; 
 Delivery and drop off collection on the rented car to/from location different from Sofia; 
Insurances for travel outside of Bulgaria;